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Our Award Winning Programs

The following is a list of our leadership training programs which have won awards. For the full list of programs available, please download our leadership program portfolio. Ensure your leaders, from executives to individual contributors, get essential and effective practices in order to propel your organization to new heights.

DEFINE the leadership vision — programs for Executives

Activating Change™: Executive Version
An action-learning session in which participants apply executive-level, high payoff change-management practices to one or more current change initiative(s) within their organization. The session is facilitated by an AchieveGlobal executive consultant and is powered by the client’s own data, collected via an organization-wide change capability survey and in-depth, one-on-one interviews with executives.

Audience: Executives
Length: 1-day workshop

DIRECT the processes and resources — programs for Senior Leaders

Activating Change™: Manager Version
Designed for managers, supervisors, and team leaders who must build change capability in their employees and the overall organization. This workshop provides participants with a set of practices and tools to develop the confidence and flexibility their employees need to contribute to constant organizational change.

Audience: Managers and supervisors
Classroom Session Length: 1-day workshop; also available in virtual and eLearning formats

Bridging Strategy to Outcomes™
This management leadership workshop helps senior managers build commitment and focus effort at every organizational level. Participants master and apply key interpersonal skills and at the end of the workshop will be able to:

  • Seek out, clarify, and confirm ideas and information
  • Describe organizational issues and strategy in a compelling way
  • Recognize the challenges and benefits of giving constructive feedback
  • Focus individual action on issues through feedback
  • Explore useful ideas for turning strategies into action
  • Lobby for the support and resources they need to address key organizational issues

Audience: Leaders of other leaders, senior managers
Length: 2-day workshop

Profiles in Genuine Leadership
An opportunity for leaders to examine and discuss their current business challenges with others who face similar issues—and then take action to optimize their individual performance by capitalizing on their strengths and addressing areas that need improvement. Participants leave the program with a self-devised action plan designed to optimize their performance and develop their individual leadership profiles in a way that contributes to both personal career growth and organizational business results.

Audience: All employees
Classroom Session Length: 4 hours; also available in virtual format

DEVELOP individuals and systems — programs for Managers

Managing the Performance of Others™
The skills taught in this workshop help participants prepare for, and conduct, different types of performance-related discussions. The modules include:

  • Planning for Performance Discussions™: Manager's Version
  • Clarifying Performance Expectations™
  • Correcting Performance Problems™
  • Conducting Performance Reviews™

Audience: Managers
Length: 2-day workshop or available as individual 4 hour modules

Generations in the Workplace: Leveraging Age Diversity
Expose common age-related stereotypes and develop practices that promote collaboration across generational groups.

Audience: All employees
Length: 3.5 hours; also available in virtual format.

Leading Innovation: From Concept to Customer Value™
For supervisors, team leads, managers and middle managers, this program provides a framework, best practices and tools required to make innovation pay off. It helps create a common language and serves as a critical focal point for appropriately prioritizing and deploying the effort and energy of all involved.

Audience: Managers, supervisors and team leaders
Length: 1-workshop; also available in virtual format.

Needs Based Coaching™ Series
This workshop is designed to help leaders develop skills that can help them coach effectively on a daily basis. The series provides a coaching framework and key actions that support the internal motivation of employees and maximize the performance of work groups. The modules included are:

  • Shaping a Motivational Workplace™
  • Giving Needs Based Feedback™
  • Realizing Talent in Others™
  • Offering Rewards and Recognition™

Audience: Leaders
Length: 2-day workshop; also available as individual modules

DELIVER results — programs for Individuals

Building Trust Under Pressure™
This program addresses how current business issues affect participants’ ability to achieve results. Participants leave the program armed with the skills, strategies, and knowledge needed to approach business challenges from a new perspective, thereby achieving greater results for themselves and their organizations as a whole.

Audience: All employees
Classroom Session Length: 4 hours

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